Towri Sheep Cheeses

I first discovered Towri Sheep Cheeses in Allenview in the Scenic Rim in South East Queensland back in 2015 on a bus tour and have been following them ever since. Back in 2015 we saw the milking, had a lovely morning tea (where one of the sheep wandered over and joined us, so they’re definitelyContinue reading “Towri Sheep Cheeses”

A poem about poetry

A good poem paints a picture With its rhythm and flow It delivers and requests a reconsider A good poem will ebb and flow It will request feelings to grow It will cause thoughts to slow A good poem will say hello It will request you glow A good poem will make you smile If only for a whileContinue reading “A poem about poetry”

Disclosure in October

As the days, weeks and months pass more and more truths are surfacing. A balancing solace can be found, as I’ve discovered, in music, mindfulness and… Disclosure in October

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