Towri Sheep Cheeses

I first discovered Towri Sheep Cheeses in Allenview in the Scenic Rim in South East Queensland back in 2015 on a bus tour and have been following them ever since. Back in 2015 we saw the milking, had a lovely morning tea (where one of the sheep wandered over and joined us, so they’re definitelyContinue reading “Towri Sheep Cheeses”

A great app for Gratitude

It’s called the Gratitude app and it has become a favourite daily ritual. There’s a daily Zen card or two, a place for affirmations and a place to write what you are grateful for today. Even on the worst day, you are at least alive and while you’re still alive there’s still hope. Today’s Zen:Continue reading “A great app for Gratitude”

My very simple beauty regime

From wanting to avoid all ingredients that would interfere with my hormones and health, my beauty regime has become simply perfect: 1. McKenzie’s bi-carb soda for deodorant; 2. Organic Shea butter for moisturiser that I bought from Naked Foods for $5.00; and 3. Organic Rose Water for perfume that I bought from Perfect Potion forContinue reading “My very simple beauty regime”